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An impressive conceptual debut from a talent to keep an eye on

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  • John-Luke Roberts

    John-Luke Roberts Noel McLaughlin

  • Whimsy and murder – two words not commonly found in the same sentence, but in John-Luke Roberts’ innovative debut solo show he combines them both seamlessly and to great effect. As the dapper performer explains, it’s less a ‘Whodunit?’ and more a ‘What did he do?’ constantly reminding the members of the crowd that they will be none the wiser to a murder he will be committing during the show. Misdirecting the audience with beautifully shot short films, brief character routines and individual insults towards each punter (I had a feeling my risotto was too dry), Roberts has created an hour which, despite lulling in parts, is structurally impressive, constantly inventive and playfully mischievous. Essentially a one-liner fest, the majority of the offbeat gags are hugely funny pieces of playful wordplay, and his aggressive relationship with offstage assistant Gareth is a delight. A unique, highly accomplished debut hour from a talent to watch.

    'John-Luke Roberts Distracts You From A Murder' is at the Pleasance Dome at the Edinburgh Fringe, 20.10.

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