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    'An empty pint of lager walks into a pub. The barman says "I can't serve you, mate. You're drunk"'

    Nick Doody

    Sell your act in a line...

    'Intelligent andd hard-hitting. (Though I'd feel wanky about "hard-hitting". And "intelligent")

    Age 33.

    Manor North London ‘in an infamous house also inhabited by [fellow comedians] Carey Marx and Matt Kirshen. Until recently Phil Nichol lived there too, which may be why it’s infamous.’

    Who is he? As a student, Doody supported the late great Bill Hicks on his last tour of this country. His first London performance was in 1993 at the old Comedy Store in Leicester Square. Brought up in West Yorkshire, Doody has worked in factories and emptied rubbish bins. ‘I came out of college knowing I wanted to be a stand-up. I never had a day job I considered a career.’

    His comedy is as hard as steel, dispassionate, often dark, uncompromising. ‘Sometimes it’s just silly,’ Doody urges. ‘I talk about drinking quite a lot. But hey, you write about what you know!’

    Worst gig ‘Jesters in Bristol. There was a man with a gold tooth who started heckling. During the interval 35 people were thrown out. In the second half a woman responded to a question by vomiting into her own lap and passing out.’

    Favourite comedians Steve Hughes (‘who, on form, is as good as Bill Hicks’), Glenn Wool (‘one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever met or watched’), Dara O’Briain, Andrew Maxwell and Adam Hills. ‘I saw Doug Stanhope this year and thought some of his stuff was fantastic.’

    Favourite London clubs The Comedy Store (‘obvious, but it’s a world-class club’, ED Comedy in Forest Hill (‘has been run with love and attention for years by Ron and Emma’), Downstairs at the King’s Head in Crouch End (‘my local club’), Comedy at Soho Ho and Hampstead Comedy Club.

    Look out for His appearances at the Ha Bloody Ha club at Ealing Studios on September 22 and 23.

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