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Alas the final episode, and Liza Tarbuck appears as a vampish ageing hippy chick trying it on with Tommy

  • It’s the last in the series for Steve Coogan’s ex-roadie-turned- pest-controller, but hopefully there’ll be a return run. Over the weeks we’ve come to care deeply for Coogan’s beautifully drawn Tommy, a character who subtly and depressingly illustrates the utter pathos of ageing ungracefully that many of us who grew up in the counter-culture generation face: namely becoming an anachronistic, irrelevant dinosaur in an increasingly confusing world – it’s like watching Victor Meldrew in the making. Tonight, Tommy’s behaviour while out at dinner with Magz and friends is so appalling (and funny) that Magz decides to head for the hills, leaving a quietly distraught Tommy to contemplate life alone.

    And as if that weren’t bad enough, a call-out to the house of a recently deceased 50-year-old man whose life seemed uncomfortably similar to Tommy’s raises the thorny question of mortality. Heavy stuff, dude. And that’s before Liza Tarbuck puts in an enjoyable appearance as a vampish ageing hippy chick keen to get in the nest with Tommy. Will he succumb to this exciting ego-boost or will common sense prevail? Tune in to find out, and along the way enjoy the sweetly delightful relationship between Tommy and Raymond, and a closing scene that would make the most hardened cynic feel decidedly warm and fuzzy.

    Saxondale, July 31, 10-10.30pm, BBC2


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johnny veggie
johnny veggie

the song at the end of ep7 s1 is "hocus pocus" by the band focus. i just watched this episode and discovered this song from the episode (even though i've known of focus for a few years now). great song, been blasting it since :D

dan hawthorne
dan hawthorne

What's the name of the song played at the end of s1 ep7 of saxondale?