The Monty Python live reunion

Read our interviews with all five surviving Pythons, watch sketches chosen by famous fans and buy your tickets to the biggest reunion in comedy history



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Monty Python’s best sketches (according to famous fans)

Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, Bob Odenkirk and other well-known Python addicts reveal which skits and scenes make them laugh the most

See their picks and watch the sketches

Monty Python on Monty Python

Who’s the funniest? Who’s the silliest? Is Michael Palin really that nice? We put some quickfire questions to the Monty Python team

Read the interview

Famous Monty Python fans have their say

Matt Groening on Monty Python

‘The Simpsons’ creator treats us to his ‘Monty Python’ anecdote and reveals how the troupe influenced his work

Read our interview with Matt Groening

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone on Monty Python

The ‘South Park’ creators speak to us about bonding over Python, staying up past their bedtimes to watch ‘Flying Circus’ and the influence of ‘Confuse-a-Cat’

Read our interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Lorne Michaels on Monty Python

We speak to the creator and producer of NBC’s sketch comedy institution ‘Saturday Night Live’ about his love of all things Python

Read our interview with Lorne Michaels

The Time Out interview: Monty Python

© Andy Gotts

The biggest reunion in comedy history is about to take place. We speak to the five surviving Pythons and find a bickering comedy ‘family’ who aren’t going to go quietly

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