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A fun but flawed show from musical comedy-trio Tripod

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  • Australian trio Tripod have chosen a risky theme for their latest narrative based musical-comedy show by constructing an hour entirely based around ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, a game which the majority of an Edinburgh Fringe audience will know nothing about (other than that it’s the epitome of geekdom). Does it pay off? To an extent. Gatesy plays a D&D virgin who constantly disputes the actions of role playing fanatics Scod and Yon. This allows him to ask the questions the crowd members are thinking, and therefore provide a more satisfying experience for those not so familiar with game’s format. They’re joined on stage by jazz-singer Alana Stone who both helps and hinders the production – her breathtaking voice makes for some goose-bump inducing solo songs, but the dialogue isn’t as relaxed and flowing as it is between the longstanding three group members. An enjoyable if flawed hour of nerdy fun.

    'Tripod Versus the Dragon' is at Assembly @ Assembly Hall, 21.45.

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