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The Pina Bausch blog - the films


Jun 26 2012

'Dancing Dreams', 'The Green Table', 'On Tour with Pina Bausch' To complement its World Cities season of Pina Bausch performances, the Barbican is showing...

The Pina Bausch blog - Part 2


Jun 22 2012

Read our preview of the Pina Bausch season Read Part 1 of Ricky's blog There are films too! June 22, Barbican 'Bamboo Blues' The audience at the...

The Pina Bausch blog


Jun 11 2012

Read our preview of the Pina Bausch season Part 2 of Ricky's blog There are films too! June 7, Sadler's Wells 'Viktor' 'Viktor' was the obvious choice...

Pina Bausch: Tanz for the memory


Jun 6 2012

I felt quite smug when I booked the tickets. Ten productions by the great choreographer Pina Bausch, each inspired by a different city and performed in...

Ten dance shows about sport


May 18 2012

Thought you'd avoid Olympic hype by going to the theatre? Ha! No chance. Sporty shows are everywhere this year, and this week the Southbank Centre hosts two...

Top five trends in contemporary dance


Apr 13 2012

Pop-up performance and cabaret Maybe it's the financial climate, maybe it's a breaking-down of genre barriers, maybe it's part of the city's cabaret boom,...

Introducing the anti-dance class


Sep 23 2011

I spend a lot of time wishing life was more like a musical. Surely there are few situations that couldn't be improved by a spontaneous outburst of...

Interview: Hofesh Shechter


Jul 5 2011

When I first met Hofesh Shechter, in 2007, he was a thoughtful, talented and rather handsome young choreographer, about to be launched into the big time....

Interview: Ivan Vasiliev and Natalia Osipova


Jul 5 2011

It's the perfect love story: the two most exciting dancers in the world today, recently engaged, dancing the most famous star cross'd lovers of all, Romeo...

The Place Prize 2011


Mar 29 2011

Ben Duke and Raquel Meseguer: 'It Needs Horses' The artists: Duke and Meseguer work together under the moniker Lost Dog to make inventive dance theatre. The...

Interview: Henri Oguike


Mar 4 2011

In the mid-2000s, Henri Oguike was the next big thing in dance. His consummately musical choreography saw him as the heir to Richard Alston (whose company...

Interview: Steven McRae


Feb 25 2011

Sydney native Steven McRae is frequently one of the most exciting things on the Opera House stage. The 25-year-old, flame-haired Royal Ballet principal, who...

Dance in London: 2011 preview


Jan 10 2011

Dance in London in 2011, including the Royal Ballet's 'Romeo & Juliet' at the O2, Natalie Portman in 'Black Swan' and Michael Clark at Tate Modern

London's best ballroom nights


Dec 9 2010

'Strictly Come Dancing's popularity shows no sign of flagging. In fact, it's more popular than ever, recently topping 11 million viewers. But for some of...

Best of the ballet blogs


Nov 19 2010

'Royal Ballet had 1 mugging, 1 driveby bag-snatch, 1 rucksack-swiping, 3 chases and, amongst that, 5 shows of the Sleeping Beauty… all in 6 days! So apart...

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