The Blue Lagoon


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This remake of the H de Vere Stacpoole novel about two shipwrecked kids growing up on a desert island was hyped as being about 'natural love'; but apart from 'doing it in the open air', there is nothing natural about two kids (unfettered by the bonds of society from their early years) subscribing to marriage and traditional role-playing. The only thing blue about the movie is the sea, and the way you'll feel after wasting your time on this dose of 'tasteful', TV commercial-style, nudity.


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I think that this movie is spectacular. I watch a lot of films, and no I am not a professional movie reviewer or whatever you have it, but I can say I am picky and this movie.... well I can't get it out of my head. If you give it a chance, you can see that it is a beautiful story about love between two children that fall for each other completely by instinct. The cinematography is beautiful, the acting quite good for 1980's teenagers (both just starting out in the acting world) and especially considering what risque roles they had to play. It is tastefully done, and follows the book's storyline quite well. I would suggest this film to anyone in hopes that people will see/give it the credit and praise it deserves but has never recieved.