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Will London’s Olympic site be ready in time? Will it stay within its current £9.3 billion budget? Both pertinent questions – but the one we all really want answered is: What will it look like? Andrew Shields explains all

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    1 Olympic Stadium

    Construction began in May on the 80,000-seat main stadium, which will be converted into a 25,000-seat venue after the Games. The design comes from Team Stadium, a consortium that includes the builders of the Emirates Stadium.

    2 Basketball Arena

    A temporary venue that will hold 12,000 seats for basketball and handball, and 10,000 for wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby.

    3 Energy Centre

    Instead of having individual systems in each building, the Energy Centre will generate hot water, heating and electricity for buildings throughout the Park, using biomass boilers and a combined cooling, heat and power plant.

    4 International Broadcast Centre/Main Press Centre

    A 24-hour media hub for around 20,000 broadcasters, photographers and journalists.

    5 Handball Arena

    The venue for handball, modern pentathlon and the Paralympic sport of goalball, with a design to be chosen this year. After the Games, the arena will become a multi-sport centre for community use, training and small-scale events.

    6 Hockey Centre

    A temporary building with two separate pitches seating 15,000 and 5,000. Designs are due to be completed next year. After the Games, the centre will move to Eton Manor and will have 5,000 permanent seats.

    7 Eton Manor

    Named after the sports centre that formerly stood on this site, it will be the venue for Paralympic archery (with 3,000 seats) and wheelchair tennis (10,500 seats). Part of a new group of community and training facilities after the Games, including five-a-side football.

    8 BMX Circuit

    Part of the VeloPark, an outdoor venue with 6,000 temporary seats.

    9 Velodrome

    Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist Chris Hoy was among the team that selected the design for the 6,000-seat arena. After the Games, a road cycle circuit and mountain bike course will be added to create a VeloPark for community and elite sport use.

    10 Sponsors’ Village

    A hub for London 2012’s key partners at the heart of the Olympic Park.

    11 Olympic Village

    Beds for 17,320 athletes during the Olympic Games and 8,756 during the Paralympics, plus shops, restaurants and an ‘International Zone’ in which to meet friends and family. Afterwards, the village will become part of the overall Stratford City regeneration scheme.

    12 Aquatics Centre

    A 50m main pool and 25m diving pool with 17,500 seats and a 50m training pool, plus a temporary water polo venue. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the centre will be turned over to both community and elite use after the Games.

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