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Gabriel Tate talks Geoff Capes and sausage sarnies with the burger van man-turned-chat show host

Angelos prepares to grill another celebrity Angelos prepares to grill another celebrity

What's in your bag, Angelos?

‘Hot water bottle, a 5ive album, and some fabric softener (in a bottle, not just swilling around in the bag).’

Dream line-up for the show?

‘I would like to talk to Banki Moon (or whatever his name is), John Prescott, Peter Benchley and Derek Acorah. I think they all speak for themselves, apart from John Prescott, and he's got a funny face so it’d be nice just to sit and stare at him.’

First powerful piece of TV?

‘“The Sweeney”, that really made an impact on me. If you've got ITV4 they still show it and I watched it the other day and it was rubbish, but that's how it goes.’

Favourite TV theme tune?

‘The end of “Only Fools and Horses” and “The Long Good Friday”.’

Worst thing a critic’s said about you?

‘I dunno, I’ve never read any. Who’s gonna bother writing about me?’

Weirdest story you’ve ever heard about yourself?

‘That I used to be a bigwig at BP.’

Pieces of work you’re most and least proud of?

‘I once created the biggest sausage sandwich in the park – seven sausages in it. I was incredibly proud of that until I found out that someone had choked on it, then I wasn't so proud.’

Do you have any hobbies?

‘Yes I do! I collect things and I keep them in my house, loads of things, loads and loads of things infact, actually you can't move in my house for all the rubbish in there. I think I've got a problem, do you have a number I can ring?’

Best present you’ve ever been given?

‘A bowling ball, the card read “To Angelos, with much love, Geoff Capes”.’

You have an hour to kill in London: what do you do?

‘Well, I wouldn't kill anyone in London, and I certainly couldn't have it done in an hour.’

Most extravagant thing you’ve ever bought?

‘An E-reg Ford Transit van.’

What are you reading?

‘The back of a Strongbow can.’

Best thing you can cook?

‘A salad niçoise.’

Which TV detective would you like to be?

‘I’d like to be Inspector Morse, coz he seems to get away with drinking and driving. In fact, if I was gonna go on “Stars in their Eyes”, I’d do Inspector Morse.’

‘The Angelos Epithemiou Show’ starts Friday July 13, 10.35pm, C4

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