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Gabriel Tate talks guns, vests and Chicken Tonight with the 'Monroe' star

Sarah Parish in 'Monroe' Sarah Parish in 'Monroe'

Heart surgeon or hairdresser?

‘I’ve enjoyed being both [the latter in 'Cutting It']! Standing in on an operation as prep to play Jenny in “Monroe” was fasincating, and that role was probably more challenging – life or death decisions. Although a good haircut is life or death for some people – I’ve certainly had some death-like haircuts in my time.’

First powerful piece of TV?

“‘Prime Suspect’. It was a wonderful part for a woman and beautifully played, warts and all. It was quite out there for the time.’

Which dramatic role do you covet?

‘I have an age-old hankering to do a gun-and-vest part where I can run around and shoot people, but I’m probably at the stage now where my acting life will be spent doing things like operating on people instead!’

Piece of work you’re most proud of?

‘“Aftersun” and “Much Ado about Nothing” by David Nichols. And “Blackpool”, which really pushed boundaries.’

And least proud of?

‘Some of the sitcoms early in my career were pretty awful, but you take what you can at that stage.’

Most memorable audition?

‘I did a lot of commercials when I was younger. I remember doing a Chicken Tonight audition where I had to be a schoolteacher overcome with  the desire to have chicken that night. I had to pretend to ski down a slope with a yoghurt pot on my head for another. I hated doing adverts!’

Worst thing about your job?

‘The very early mornings. If you’re doing a winter job in Manchester, getting up at 5am in the pouring rain, that’s not great.’

Ever Google your name?

‘Sometimes. I was changing my imdb page and I searched for newer photos to update my profile. I didn’t investigate any further, though – you never know what you might find.’

Who would you interview on your own chat show?

‘Shirley MacClaine, who’s had a wonderful life and career, then went off in this weird, interesting spiritual direction. Barack Obama, for obvious reasons. And Eric Morcambe, without a doubt the funniest person ever.’

Sarah Parish stars in 'Monroe'. Season two starts on Monday October 1, 9pm, ITV1

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