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The Polari First Book Prize 2012

Gay & Lesbian

Nov 15 2012

Next Monday, the winner of The Polari First Book Prize 2012 will be announced at the Southbank Centre. Now in its second year, the prize is for a first book...

Dutch courage

Gay & Lesbian

Nov 12 2012

As the coalition government continues its fight for equal marriage, facing opposition from religious leaders and the likes of Ann Widdicombe, ministers...

Marcus Reeves - star man

Gay & Lesbian

Oct 31 2012

There can be few people who have been compared to both Tim Rice and David Bowie, but 33-year-old singer-songwriter Marcus Reeves is very much his own...

The Stonewall Awards 2012

Gay & Lesbian

Oct 25 2012

The seventh annual Stonewall Awards will take place this Thursday at the V&A. Categories include Politician of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, Hero of...

Wig Party 2012

Gay & Lesbian

Oct 10 2012

Wig Party is back. What better way to raise funds for a worthy cause and let your hair down - or zhush it up? Now in its ninth year, the pageant, ball...

Casualties of war

Gay & Lesbian

Oct 3 2012

The so-called 'War on Terror' has produced many casualties. Some we read about on a regular basis. Others are rarely mentioned. 'It's more difficult to be...

A darker shade of gay

Gay & Lesbian

Sep 26 2012

Gay people have often been characterised as creatures of the night. In the days before Gay Liberation, many lesbians and gay men lived in the shadows,...

The Big Gay 10K

Gay & Lesbian

Sep 24 2012

Many of you have probably taken part in sponsored walks. But how about a gay sponsored walk ending with a queer twist on the village fête? The Big Gay 10K -...

Summer Rites

Gay & Lesbian

Aug 22 2012

Lovebox Sunday rocked. World Pride flopped. Now it's time for the third and final gay outdoor festival of the year. Yes, Summer Rites is back. The...

The Velvet Journey

Gay & Lesbian

Aug 16 2012

What happens when you've exhausted gay London's playground of bars and clubs and come away feeling empty and unfulfilled? This is one of the questions that...

Jonathan Harvey - All She Wants

Gay & Lesbian

Aug 1 2012

It's 25 years since Jonathan Harvey won the National Girobank Young Writer of the Year Award for his first play, 'The Cherry Blossom Tree'. Since then he's...

Drag racing

Gay & Lesbian

Jul 26 2012

Let's face it. Not everyone is a fan of sport. Now that the Olympic Games are under way, you may be feeling a little left out, a little alienated, even -...

Ed Lyon interview

Gay & Lesbian

Jul 19 2012

It's not every opera singer who poses for press photos with their shirt off, but then Ed Lyon isn't like most opera singers. Born in Halifax, and trained in...

Swallow your Pride

Gay & Lesbian

Jul 12 2012

So that was it - the World Pride that wasn't. After weeks of speculation, denials, emergency meetings, a half-baked apology and the announcement that the...

Robert Chevara interview

Gay & Lesbian

Jul 6 2012

It's the end of another long day of rehearsals and director Robert Chevara is on a high. Just 20 minutes ago he was at The King's Head Theatre where he's...

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