Top 5 gay books



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Jim McSweeney, manager of the only gay and lesbian bookstore in London gives us his top five gay books

  • Top 5 gay books

    Jim McSweeney outside Gay's the Word

  • ‘Homosexuality in Renaissance England’

    Alan Bray

    (Gay Men’s Press, 1982) ‘An important book on history. It’s very well written, and his research is impeccable.’

    ‘The Swimming Pool Library’

    Alan Hollinghurst

    (Penguin, 1988) ‘Simply because it’s a contemporary, mainstream literary novel that crossed over in a big way.’

    ‘Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit’

    Jeanette Winterson

    (Pandora Press, 1985) ‘For exactly the same reasons.’

    ‘Who Was That Man?’

    Neil Bartlett

    (Serpent’s Tail, 1988) ‘Not just a great book about Oscar Wilde and his time, but also a unique guide to contemporary gay London.’

    ‘Safer Sexy’

    Peter Tatchell

    (Continuum, 1994) ‘This book really pushed the boundaries of what you could show. On every photograph they had text, so that they could cover themselves against potential prosecution.’ Gay’s the Word, 66 Marchmont St, WC1N 1AB (020 7278 7654) Russell Square tube.

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