3 Ninjas

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Wise old Japanese granddad (Wong) instructs three boys in the deadly ninja arts. Their dad, an FBI agent on the trail of gun-runner Kingsley, is dead against their training - at least until the latter kidnaps them to get the Feds off his back. Can the trio use their ninja secrets to escape? Will granddad defeat the gun-runner in hand-to-hand combat? If you can't guess the answers to these questions you are under 11 and will absolutely love this film, with its amazing fight scenes, bungling Home Alone kidnappers and thoroughly nasty bad guys. Send mum and dad shopping.

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Duration: 87 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jon Turteltaub
Screenwriter: Edward Emanuel
Cast: Victor Wong
Michael Treanor
Max Elliott Slade
Chad Power
Rand Kingsley
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