50 years of James Bond



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From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, we revisit all 22 James Bond films

As the twenty-third 007 adventure 'Skyfall' hits cinemas, Time Out's resident gentleman spy Adam Lee Davies takes a trip through Bond's back pages. We got the girls, we got the gadgets, and we got the glamour: truly, all of Bond is here...

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    Live and Let Die (1973)

    Villain: Dr Kananga/Mr Big
    At stake: Avalanche of heroin flooding the US drug market
    Candy: Jane Seymour as Solitaire
    Gizmo: The ‘Felix Lighter’
    Theme Song: School orchestra wig-out, ‘Live And Let Die’ by Wings
    Quote: 'You should never go in there without a mongoose!'

    With Connery vowing never again, the series was on to its third leading man in as many movies. Names in the hat included Julian Glover – later the dubiously-accented baddie of ‘For Your Eyes Only’ – and Jeremy Brett, who would find fame as Sherlock Holmes on TV. Future 007 Timothy Dalton was also in contention before the producers finally consummated their long-standing dalliance with Roger Moore.

    Never one to over-sell his dramatic abilities, nor to raise a fist when an eyebrow might do, Moore’s readiness with a pithy quip and unmatched urbanity is embraced by a lighter tone that runs through the film’s voodoo hysteria and escalating carnage.

    James finds himself rubbing shoulders with the full gamut of blaxploitation stereotypes on the mean streets of Harlem and hurtling through Louisiana in a rip-roaring speedboat chase. The whole thing plays out more like an action-packed romp than a bona fide spy film, but it contains plenty of high-octane set pieces and a diverting array of baddies that marks a promising start to Roger’s spell as Bond.

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