Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery



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The psychedelic era's silliest secret agent is resurrected in a world that's moved on three decades. Myers (star and writer) gets so much of the detail right, it's easy to take his resourcefulness for granted. Everything, from Austin's velvet frock coats and frilly shirts, to the casting (Hurley's slinky sidekick Vanessa Kensington, scheming henchman Wagner, and York's Basil Exposition, the Ministry Man who explains the plot), and cred soundtrack (Burt Bacharach turns up in person), demonstrates how much the creator of Wayne's World enjoyed doing his homework. Someone, however, should have weeded out the dud gags and dissuaded Myers from playing the villain as well. Overall, though, it would take a stone face not to crumple at Austin's dodgy catchphrases and irrepressible sexual desperation. 'Shall we shag now, or shag later?' Soon, baby, soon.


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