Cannes Film Festival: the Palme d'Or effect

Time Out explores the fortunes of the past decade’s Palme d'Or winners



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2011: The Tree of Life

Better late than never. ‘The Tree of Life’ was all set for Cannes in 2010, but Terrence Malick decided he had some last minute changes to make. A year later, his film arrived in Cannes without its famously publicity-shy director… or so everyone thought. In fact, Malick snuck into the premiere on the sly to witness his film polarise critics (boos and cheers) first hand.

Malick is the only director in the past decade not have picked his award up in person. ‘The Tree of Life’ went on to be nominated for three Oscars but came away empty-handed: the Academy, you sense, don’t take so kindly to a snub.

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Cannes Film Festival

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