Cinema food: the nutritionist weighs in



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Nutritionist Zerlina Mastin gives us the lowdown on mainstream cinema food – and it ain’t pretty…

‘None of the popular cinema food is healthy. It’s very high in either sugar, salt or fat; that’s why it’s so tempting. They serve big portions, so you could easily have a full day’s calorie intake from a single snack. Then you sit still for two hours, not totally conscious of how much you’re eating. People think popcorn is a better option because it’s light, but it can have as much as 400-500 calories per 100g. It depends how it’s prepared, but the salted popcorn could be higher in fat than the sugared. Hot dogs are high in saturated fat, around 400-600 calories, but it’s a bit more controlled in terms of portion size, unless you go back and buy another. With nachos, if they come with melted cheese they could be up to 700-800 calories, depending on the portion. The salsa option would definitely be better, that’d take off a few hundred calories.’

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