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Based on the life of the now deceased daughter of Laurence Harvey, star of the original ‘Manchurian Candidate’, who swapped her privileged Beverly Hills upbringing for the down-and-dirty world of bounty hunting, this ‘punk rock fever dream’ mainlines more fiction than fact, playing like a distended acid trip. As Domino, Keira Knightley bristles with credible tomboy spunkiness, shedding Liz Bennet’s corsets and much more besides, to hold her macho own alongside tough guy cohorts Ed (Mickey Rourke) and Choco (Edgar Ramirez) as they star in their own reality TV show and try to retrieve $10 million in mob money from a botched heist.
In a film of bludgeoning visual excess, Scott’s fevered, cutting-edge stylings – hand-cranked cameras, jittery zooms, epileptic editing – are even more jacked up than normal, producing near sensory overload. As guilty is Richard Kelly’s disordered script that shoehorns two cast members from ‘90210’, Christopher Walken’s font-obsessed TV producer and Tom Waits’ enigmatic wanderer into the mix, and is missing only the kitchen sink. It’s an operatic muddle, more altered states than coherent whole, but never, ever boring. The real Domino appears briefly in the final moments.


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Fri Oct 14, 2005


120 mins

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