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In which New Line resuscitate the moribund Nightmare on Elm Street series with a dose of Friday the 13th virility serum. Here's the pitch: Freddy is marooned in Hell, forgotten by his teen fan club - until he hooks up with Jason Voorhees, and persuades him to drop in on Elm Street. Amazing how quickly a few murders will restore people's faith. Their fear is Freddy's ticket back into dreamland. So what about the Freddy or Jason showdown? In the red corner: a mutilated bogeyman in a Christmas sweater; a child abductor who preys on the imagination of adolescents, their mistrust of adults and sexual anxiety; a craven showman with a bent for malicious repartee and surreal transmutation. And in the black corner: a burly, indestructible dead bloke in a hockey mask, with a mother complex who sticks his machete into horny teens and exhibits all the personality of a black hole. It's pretty obvious where director Ronnie Yu's sympathies lie. Still, he can't find a satisfactory resolution to that old teaser about an implacable force vs the immovable object: how to kill off your cash cow and milk her too.


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