Going My Way


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Godawful Oscar-winning schmaltz, with Crosby as a crooning, imbibing and golf-playing priest who saves the souls in his New York parish and wins over the man who holds the mortgage on the church as well. All this and Barry Fitzgerald doing his crotchety leprechaun act too. Go anywhere to avoid it.


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Would you look at that stuffed-shirt? A three-sentence jab at a wonderful classic. Good riddance to your advice, TimeOut London Movie Review and and this excuse of a movie review by ATu. The schmaltz is on you! Fellas, I think you'll agree with me, save William... As for me, I'm "going my way!"


Are you nuts? Maybe you are a cynical liberal, but for a majority of people this is a classic movie about what is best about Christmas and people


Can't disagree more. This is a very good movie that avoids schmaltz.


Oscar-winning follow-up to "Going My Way" has Bing Crosby reprising his role as Father O'Malley. "At a big city Catholic school, Father O'Malley and Sister Benedict indulge in friendly rivalry, and succeed in extending the school through the gift of a building." The movie is heart warming without becoming preachy or sappy. Some of the songs are tremendous, and a nativity play seemingly ad-libbed by a group of 1st graders would steal the show from most modern movies, but not this one. The interplay between Crosby's O'Malley and Bergman's Benedict is classics. Their closing scene alone is worth the price of admission. Watch them in order, "Going My Way" then "Bells of St. Mary's." You'll enjoy both.