Justin and the Knights of Valour

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Justin and the Knights of Valour

David Walliams, Rupert Everett, Julie Walters, Mark Strong, Saoirse Ronan… judging from the impressive voice cast you’d think this fantasy family animation was a British/Irish production, but it’s actually Spanish. Freddie Highmore is weedy young Justin, who dreams of becoming a Knight of Valour like his grandfather. But knights have been ousted from the kingdom, so he must go on a journey to find three monks to mentor him in the ways of courage and valour. Uninspiring animation and a plodding story (it’s co-written by Spanish director Manuel Sicilia and Brit Matthew Jacobs) mean there’s little in the way of excitement, and most attempts at jokes fall flat. There’s a glimmer of hope when sprightly henchman Sota bounces onto the scene – you know he’s going to be voiced by Rupert Everett before he even opens his mouth. But, like David Walliams’s wizard and Antonio Banderas’s self-styled knight, his comic potential isn’t exploited. Too many cooks or a language barrier? Who can say, but the result won’t entertain many beyond sword-obsessed toddlers too young to follow the story anyway.

By: Anna Smith


Release details

Rated: PG
Release date: Friday September 13 2013
Duration: 96 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Manuel Sicilia
Screenwriter: Manuel Sicilia, Matthew Jacobs
Cast: Charles Dance
Saoirse Ronan
Freddie Highmore
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Justin Berkovi

Goodness what a tedious kids film. A spot on review from Time Out this time. The animation starts out well and the initial scenes impress and show promise but an overcomplicated plot, unnecessary filler scenes and dialogue slowly wear the entire thing down. My kids deserved MEDALS to sit through this garbage. At one point my son, I'm sure eager to appear grateful for being taken to the cinema, leaned over to me (He's 5) and said, 'Daddy this is a nice film' - poor bloke I nearly cried. Not a good film at all. However I did have a solid 20 minutes deep sleep at one point so not all bad!

Juan Carlos

I think the reviewer is being slightly generous giving this 2 stars. It is a truly awful film with very little in redeeming factors. It is clear that it has been dubbed and considering all the main characters are supposed to live in the same country their accents are all over the place. If we add to this the completely unnecessary sexualisation of the two young female characters we have a troubling film. If you watch the film the plunging necklines and body shapes out of Tomb Raider and Barbie added to short skirts and tight trousers give you an idea of the directors and animators view of women. Best avoided especially if you are the parent of young girls. A poor 1 star film.