Kiss Me, Guido

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Having found his fiancée in bed with his brother, Frankie wants out of the Bronx. He answers an ad for a roommate placed by actor Warren (Barrile), not realising that G stands for gay, not guy. Scotti's Frankie - naive and ambitious - is sweet beyond belief, and the pizza parlour where he works is portrayed as a hubbub of insular passions, where a working class man's shyness is taken for self-sufficiency. It's the gay world which, ironically, rings false. Barrile has befuddled chipmunk looks, but lacks comic timing, while Chester, as the queeny best friend, also shows a heavy hand. A first feature which goes from bad to dire as writer/director Vitale tries to hurry things on to a feel-good climax.

Release details

Duration: 89 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Tony Vitale
Screenwriter: Tony Vitale
Cast: Nick Scotti
Anthony Barrile
Anthony DeSandro
Molly Price
Craig Chester
David Deblinger
Christopher Lawford
Tony Vitale
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