Labyrinth of Passion



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This is a home movie for the Movida set, a glamorous clash of frocks and jocks (and jocks in frocks) in a Madrid peopled by drug-takers, pop stars, wannabes, terrorists and sex maniacs. Briefly, rock singer Sexi (Roth) is the neurotic nympho daughter of a creepy gynaecologist who's treating the wife of a Shah-like potentate, whose son, bisexual Riza (Arias) also becomes a rock singer, and is torn between the charms of Sexi and an Arab terrorist (Banderas) with a keen sense of smell. Meanwhile, Sexi's biggest fan, a laundry maid, is raped continually by a father who snorts aphrodisiac. When her heroine comes into the dry-cleaners, the two join forces to outwit their parents, beat their beauty problems, and fulfil their dreams. A sense of humour is the string that will guide you through this tacky labyrinth, which includes an appearance by legendary mini-skirted pop duo Almodóvar and McNamara performing a rap song about fabulous drugs. Drag till you gag.


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