Paris After Dark


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Stock WWII tub-thumper about the need for resistance to Nazism. Dorn plays a factory worker who limps home to occupied Paris. Having suffered terrible brutality while a PoW (he is in fact dying), he is determined to keep his nose clean; but his wife (Marshall) is helping the society doctor (Sanders) for whom she works as a nurse to organise sabotage at the factory. Instead of exploring this dilemma (or the hint of class conflict between factory worker and aristocratic doctor), Howard Buchman's script opts for a woozy plot in which Dorn thinks Marshall and Sanders are lovers. After young brother shows that it's better to die than live as a slave, Dorn comes round and makes the good sacrifice to get the Gestapo off his wife's tail. Dalio hovers as the local barber, a perfumed poodle who - to no one's surprise but the cast's - turns out to be a collaborator.


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