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The commentIf you hoped (like me) Mani Ratnam would improve on his film making, move away from usual stereotypes, and be bold enough to challenge ingrained stereotypes, forget all about it when it comes to Ravan(an)! In his lately well-established trend, he chooses not 1 but 2 well-known stories and fuses them for his storyline! The film is thus a peculiar tale of Ramayan(a) meets Veerappan and the utterly unoriginal plot and role portrayals flit from one story to the other. Combine this with 'tableau' like scenes, ultra theatrical unconvincing dialogues, 2 dimensional uninspiring characters, cringe worthy acting and ill timed comedy for the most part, and unremarkable music. There is some obvious symbolism of characters (Karthik / Govinda as Hanuman, ‘Veera’s 2 brothers for ‘large’ Kumbakaran(a) and ‘wise’ Vibheeshan(a)), scenes (array of stones where Ragini calls out to her husband akin to bridge built by Ram(a) to reach Lanka), dialogue references (number 14 depicting Ram(a)’s banished years in the forest) and colours (ill-reputed black for ‘Veera’ and auspicious white / yellow / red for ‘Ragini’). The only redeeming features were the beautiful scenery of Kerala and Aishwarya's costumes! What a disaster! He couldn't have done worse if he'd tried... you type in this box will appear on the site


Raavan/raavanan - a visual treat??? Definitely. Can't think of any other combination of a director with camerman with cinematographer who could have lend the depth of magic to the visuals of this movie. It was as realistic as it could be, and it is quite evident all the actors have put in their hardest efforts to make it spectacular. Story line - now, did I miss that bit of the movie??? Probably. Apart from the character of Dev, the other 2 characters of ragini and Beera/veera, seemed to be stuck constantly in a lack-lustre testosteronal - oestrogenic hormonal mode! What the director was actually trying to show was possibly the blossoming of a love story, however a theatre full of screaming squeamish audience would probably dare to disagree. The climax was pretty predictable, with the age old good wins over bad scenario. ARR has tried to bring his brilliance into the movie through a very heavy soundtrack. However inspite of listening the songs over and over again, most of them don't grow on you. Aishwarya rai...now, I'm not the biggest fan, but I can't help but say, that she seems beautiful as ever. Probably in some scenes, looking every bit of the 1994 Miss World that she was! Vikram had been thrown a lifeline by Mani Ratnam, and he has delivered close to perfection, although his character sketch is as patchy as it can get. Movie length was pretty bearable running at just 130 minutes runtime. However the unravelling of the story, doesn't generate enough interest in making the audience stick to edge of their seats. The budding romance between Beera/Veera and Ragini, lacked the passion that could have rocketed this movie into an all-time-hit. In terms of spectacularness (yes, i know that is not a word), the movie is a cut above the rest, probably as visually and aesthetically pleasing as much as James Cameroon's Avatar was. However unfortunately, that alone does not do much to catapult the movie into the threshold of greatness. Don't get me wrong, If you are a fan of aishwarya rai, vikram, mani ratnam, prithviraj or abhishek bachchan, you might actually enjoy the movie. But in short, as someone very close to me mentioned, if it wasn't a Mani ratnam movie, half the audience would have walked out during the interval!