The Bad Sleep Well


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Kurosawa's first venture for his own short-lived production company, a revenge tragedy (employee of big housing corporation marries the boss' daughter while simultaneously seeking the truth of his father's 'suicide') which attempts to indict the corruptions that go hand-in-hand with big business, ultimately hinting that even the government cannot be said to have clean hands. Freed from immediate box-office pressures, Kurosawa rather loaded the film on the side of social significance, while neglecting to capitalise on the noir aspects that underlie it. Even so, his use of the 'scope screen is masterly, suggesting right from the opening sequence - a wedding at which the cake is a replica of the company offices, and the crippled bride has obviously had a groom bought from among daddy's employees - a boardroom table across which manipulations gradually unfold. Exported in a 135-minute version.


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