The Hours of the Day

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  • Drama
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Rated: 15
Duration: 110 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jaime Rosales
Cast: Alex Brendemuhl
Agata Roca
Maria Antonia Martinez

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2.5 / 5

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The randomness of this film and its banality of event and exposition left me somewhat perplexed. Middleclass bloke near Barcelona running his family clothes shop who stll lives with his mother but has a girlfriend who argues with him about his inability to change or do something different.She has to suggest ideas about holidays or going out to a show or the pictures.He also has a shop assistant(female) who appears to irritate him and will not agree on a redundany sum he can afford.He has a friend who is competitive to develop ideas for his own business.He seems to find time to travel by taxi and train or underground for no reason. He kills a female taxi driver who admitedly asks him a lot of questions about his star sign.He gets her to take him up a dirt road and kills her by a process of strangulation punching,further strangulation and bricking. It's brutal but not gory as you don't see her face.After this the tension mounts whenever he has arguments with his assistant,a female stranger in a bar and increasingly his girlfriend.His girlfriend eventually leaves him because she can't take the impasse she's reached with him. His assistant does agree a redundancy sum with him.His friend falls out with him when he recalls how his new wife came onto him but he declined.There is a comic episode on a train when an elderly man asks him alot of questions of a harmless nature. However you are awaiting the next random killing and sure enough it's an elderly gentleman who is picked on by his daughter for not being like he used to be.She kisses him goodbye and goes. he strangles him in a toilet very slowly.Again no blood or gore just a slow drawn out process.You almost feel relieved it's not another woman. There is no motive given,no detection,no thriller os suspense element.Murder to him is just like cooking or doing the laundry,another banal event in another boring day. The film was a bit like a new appartment the couple went to see and he didn't like because it was gloomy,off a courtyard and ill-lit.Similarly the film wasn't illuminated or illuminating apart from the director's evident desire to show how'ordinary' serial killers can be after reading an article about the subject.Weird,strange and pointless.