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'It's like a little bit o' Bournemouth,' says Ma Huggett, unimpressed by her first glimpse of Algiers. Fed up with rain, rationing and drabness, the family have resolved to make a new start in South Africa. The idea of the Huggetts confronting apartheid is not unappealing, but as it happens, a Canadian crook and a nasty fellow Brit ensure they never leave French territory. East, West, home's best, conclude the admirable, exasperating tribe, and head back to Huggett-land. These chronicles of the working class sector of the bourgeoisie are a goldmine for social historians, and still offer a degree of entertainment. A Huggett- ography: introduced in Holiday Camp (qv), then in their own little series comprising Here Come the Huggetts, Vote For Huggett, and this last one, The Huggetts Abroad.


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