The ten best movie witches

Hollywood's most notable hocus pocus hags



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Vampires are dead: 2013 is officially the season of the witch. As ‘Beautiful Creatures’ (aka ‘the new “Twilight”’) opens, Cath Clarke and Tom Huddleston pick the best screen sorceresses.


Jennifer (Veronica Lake)

I Married a Witch’ (1942) 

Knockout. She may have spent 300 years buried under a tree, but time has not withered her beauty.

Evil deeds
Crimes against menfolk is her bag. She’s out for revenge against an up-and-coming politician whose Puritan ancestor burned her at the stake back in the bad old days. A bolt of lightning has just brought her back to life.

Scare factor
1/10. With that come-hither purr, you’ve got to be kidding. Jennifer is more malicious minx than malevolent. Incidentally, she was the inspiration for the TV show ‘Bewitched’.

Wyrd words
‘Why do you look at me that way? Oh, my dress. Do you like it?’

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