The top five new horror films for autumn 2012



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We round up the best horror movies in cinemas right now

It’s Halloween. Which means a glut of spooky movies at the cinema. Take your pick from a clown slasher flick, one of the best horror films of all time back on the big screen (a clue: ‘Here’s Johnny!’) and this generation’s ‘Carrie’.

  • Stitches

    Rating: 3/5

    What is it?
    A horror-com starring stand-up comedian Ross Noble in his film debut as a children’s entertainer accidentally killed by a group of kids at a party. Eight years later he rises from the grave to wreak revenge.

    Does he go after them Freddy Krueger-style?
    Nope, his gory killings are clown-themed.

    Will it scare me out of my seat?
    Depends on whether you’re coulrophobic. You know, scared of clowns. Plenty of people are. In which case, best avoid. It tickled our resident horror expert Nigel Floyd. Here’s his review.

    When’s it out?
    It’s out now.

50 terrifying movie moments

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