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Taken from Ethel Lina White's Midnight House - she also wrote the excellent The Wheel Spins, which became The Lady Vanishes - and co-scripted by Raymond Chandler, this follow-up to The Uninvited is labyrinthine, New England atmospheric, and delivers what the New York Herald Tribune called `bona fide creeps'. Maybe some of it was down to the creaking of unidexter Herbert Marshall, the doctor from over the road. `The last one was pretty, too' says a retainer to new governess Gail Russell, with heavy foreboding. One of her charges (the more mutinously sinister one) was played by the very junior Richard Lyon, son of Ben and Bebe, paying his dues for the subsequent radio hit, Life with the Lyons. Bad-tempered Chandler had one contretemps with producer John Houseman. 'Look, John, I'm the fucking writer.'


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