Throw Of Dice, A

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A treat for Indian movie buffs and lovers of silent melodrama alike, this lovely BFI digital restoration of Franz Osten’s moving and picaresque tale of fighting princes, thwarted love and the perils of gambling is going on countrywide tour as part of the ‘India Now’ celebrations. The German-born Osten, along with his Indian producer Himansu Rai, is often cited as ‘a father of modern Bollywood’ and you feel in his accessible, animal-filled, extras-laden, Rajasthan-set movie quite a modern Mumbai-style musical ebb-and-flow, augmented by now-familiar but then startling location work (of forts, forests and lakes) and very engaging, if still recognisably silent-era, performances, especially from Charu Roy as the smiling royal gambler and sweet Seeta Devi as his coy bride. Let’s hope it’s dry on Thursday, when you can catch a free preview in Trafalgar Square, with the LSO and Nitin Sawhney’s band performing the eclectic compositeur-du-jour’s entirely appropriate new East-meets-West score.

Release details

Rated: U
Release date: Friday August 31 2007
Duration: 77 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Franz Osten
Cast: Himansu Rai
Seeta Devi
Lala Bijoykishen
Sarada Gupta
Tincory Chakrabarty
Modhu Bose
Charu Roy
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