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Fenn plays pampered April Delongpre, irritatingly dubbed Princess, Baby, Sugar and Darlin' (but then she is a Southern belle) and engaged to be married to the finest beau in the state. Perry (Tyson) is the fairground worker who teases, pursues, menaces and finally beds her. April is without doubt a corker; the same cannot be said for the wholly unappetising Perry, all rippling ringlets and pug features. What tiny tension the plot affords rests in April's choice between privilege and passion, and typically it's fudged: she gets to keep her swanky marriage and her bit of rough. Sex sequences are diappointingly non-specific: blurred nipples and vaguely flickering tongues, set to That Disco Beat and invariably followed by post-coital blubbing. Louise Fletcher is sinister as April's deeply creepy gran, and Kristy McNichol puts in a likeable performance as chirpy drifter Patti Jean, despite the ill-advised flirtation with lesbianism. 'Times like this ah know why men like women so much' she chirrups at April's uncorseted bosom. Sick-making.


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