When teen stars turn serious



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Ten young actors come of age on the silver screen

  • Lindsay Lohan in ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ (2007)

    Made her name with:
    Freaky Friday’ (2003), a hugely successful remake of the ’70s body-swap classic, followed by a pop career and a string of popular family-friendly flicks, hitting a peak with the wonderful ‘Mean Girls’ (2004).

    Got serious with:
    I Know Who Killed Me’ (2007), a lurid serial killer flick in which Lohan plays twin sisters: nice girl Aubrey and psychotic stripper Dakota.

    How did it pan out:
    Oh, dear me, no. Probably the ultimate example of a promising young star committing career suicide, ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ garnered eight Golden Raspberry nominations, including a double Worst Actress win for Lohan in both roles. She already had a reputation for bad behaviour, but that tendency spiralled dramatically from here on.

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