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Glastonbury, the UK’s iconic festival (featuring an iconic UK downpour)

Glastonbury, the UK’s iconic festival (featuring an iconic UK downpour)

Britain has some of the best music festivals on the planet. From druids and dance stages at Glastonbury to sunny beats at Bestival – held on a quaint hill on the picturesque Isle of Wight – festivals in the UK are a national habit. And they’re varied, inventive and often downright groundbreaking. Whether you're after global music, chart-topping hip hop, indie or proper old-fashioned rock and roll, you'll find it here. Britain's festival scene can be hard to navigate – not least because there are so many of them. Not sure where to begin? Never fear – start your sonic journey to the UK with Time Out's guide to the UK's finest festivals...  

  • Bestival

    Thu Sep 4-Sun Sep 7
    Isle of Wight, UK Robin Hill

    Chic with Nile Rodgers • Outkast • Beck • Disclosure • Busta Rhymes …

    Making the most of Bestival's location on the Isle of Wight, this year's theme is 'Desert Island Disco' – which, from what we can tell, means Club Tropicana all weekend long (but without the free drinks).


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