Christmas with Adele

After a busy year ‘Chasing Pavements’, London pop sensation Adele is looking forward to some seasonal downtime with her mum. And a Grammy or two. She gives Time Out her Christmas list

  • Where will you be spending Christmas?
    ‘For the first time I’m going to host Christmas for my mum, ’cos I moved out to my own place in Notting Hill in July. I’ve only just learnt to cook stir fry, lasagne and chilli con carne, but I’m going to attempt to do a proper Christmas dinner with loads of roasties and those little sausages with bacon wrapped round them – I love them. Then I’m going to see my friend Lucy to play “SingStar”. I’ve got a fake Christmas tree ’cos after a while I think the real ones smell like piss.’

    What’s guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit?
    ‘ “EastEnders” or “Corrie” dropping a bombshell. You know it’s Christmas when someone dies in a soap. Do you remember when Tiffany hit her head on the kerb on Christmas Day trying to escape from Grant? I was about ten and I was so distraught, because I didn’t know anyone who’d died until my grampy. I felt like I knew Tiffany. I remember going to the bathroom upstairs and being really shocked and shaking and crying.’

    What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever been given?

    ‘My mum bought me a facial steamer for Christmas last year to clear my face and nose, ’cos I’m touring a lot and I smoke a lot.’

    What’s the best gift you’re giving this year?
    ‘At a charity ball I bought my mum a portrait sitting by this amazing woman who does really abstract paintings. We’re going to go and pose for that in the new year. She exaggerates certain parts of you, so she’ll probably make my lips massive.’

    If you could give a Christmas present to anyone in the world, who would it be?
    ‘I don’t think material goods are always the answer, so I’d write love letters to Justin Timberlake and Al Pacino and hope for the best. Ha ha ha ha ha! Their present would be my love – there’s no greater gift!’

    What do you want for Christmas this year?
    ‘My manager’s getting me a gold velvet Gucci bag, like something Mary Poppins would have. Would a Grammy make a good present? Of course! The bloody BBC, I told them I wasn’t ready to win a Grammy, as in, like, is anyone ever ready to win a Grammy? And they fuckin’ made it sound like I don’t wanna win one! Of course I do! But I’m not gonna get my hopes up.’

    Adele plays the Roundhouse on Dec 20.

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