Crystal Fighters – 'Cave Rave' album review

Rave music goes squidgy on the Spanglish group's second album



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Crystal Fighters – 'Cave Rave'

  • Rated as: 2/5

You know how blissfully (read sickeningly) happy new couples are? Well, London-based Spanish sextet Crystal Fighters have encapsulated that feeling in their second album ‘Cave Rave’. Every high-life riff, fluttering synth and line about love is salt in the wound of cynicism.

Fans of their ravier days – music that actually would suit a darkened cave – will find this new effort unappealing.
When the guys and gals went to LA to record, they left behind the twisted samples and filthy, pounding bass that was the prominent theme on their 2010 debut ‘Star of Love’, in exchange for shimmering stadium-fillers. On top of that, Sebastian Pringle has reinvented himself as a  frontman – singing structured verses and choruses in place of fragmented vocal snippets. He even attempts a James Blunt manoeuvre  with ‘Bridge of Bones’, a plod-along piano ballad with ill-fitting, muffled gospel wails.

There’s a dancey moment with ‘Are We One’, which, at 156 bpm, is fun, but only if you can get past the trite Europop synths. Perhaps this soft approach will create new avenues for the electro-popsters, but in making their music accessible to the masses, they’ve shut the door on fans who want it hard and fast.

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