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Whether you‘re into moody indie guitar or experimental jazz, edgy electro-pop or raw grime, the capital is an ever-evolving hotbed of musical talent that‘s constantly producing superb new acts. The Time Out music critics present our expert guide to the rising stars of 2006, photographed at their choices of London locations.

  • The Feeling

    We say Having spent the last few years paying their dues as jobbing musicians, these five college pals now look set for unit-busting success in their own right. Theirs is hugely melodic, hook-filled music, aimed squarely at the mainstream. Think Keane meets Supertramp or 10cc with a hefty nod to Queen. Say it once, say it loud, they’re pop and they’re proud. They say ‘When you’re 16 everyone wants to be cool, but when you get into your twenties you realise that being cool really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So we’ve made the music that we wanted to make and we’re not going to package it as something else. If people say “Well it’s pop” or “it’s MOR”, then we’re like, “Yeah, we know.” It’s actually very liberating.

    ‘Having said that, we’ve been surprised by the response we’ve had from the leftfield side of the industry. Xfm has got behind us, so has Zane Lowe, and we were never really expecting that. We’re already getting daytime radio play too, which is amazing. We recorded “Sewn” in Kev’s mum’s shed in Horsham two years ago and it’s that actual recording that’s now on drivetime Radio 1. How incredible is that?

    ‘We make popular music and we do want it to be popular. We’ve always felt like we had something to offer and that people would probably like us if they got to hear us. Thankfully, it seems we’ve got a really good shot at making that happen. Are we feeling the pressure of being hotly tipped? Well, to be honest, we do drink more than we used to. But that’s only because we’ve got some money now!’

    Matt Willis
    The Boy Least Likely To
    Plan B
    Andrew McCormick
    New Young Pony Club
    London’s other ones to watch

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