Gold Panda – 'Half of Where You Live' album review

A woozy, jet-lagged record which fizzes with post-holiday malaise



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Gold Panda – 'Half of Where You Live'

  • Rated as: 3/5

Cutely-named electronic producer Derwin ‘Gold Panda’ Powers has spent a lot of time away from London since the 2010 release of his debut ‘Lucky Shiner’. He’s been from Rio to Tokyo, giving far flung cities the benefit of his choppy yet melodic beats. In return, those places have afforded album number two a mysterious foreign flavour. All sorts of obscure twanging instruments crop up on ‘Half Of Where You Live’, often buried under nostalgic layers of haze and distortion.

‘Community’ is the album’s apex, and makes banging house out of vaguely oriental synths and a sample of soulful, bluesy humming seemingly plucked straight out of the cotton fields of the American Deep South. That track, and the unruly and colourful ‘Brazil’, are the highlights, however much of the second half of the record feels woozy and jet-lagged. In particular, ‘We Work Nights‘ – an ode to the menial employment of Powers’ past, including a job at Stansted Airport – fizzes with the post-holiday malaise of coming home from somewhere warm and exotic. There’s potential, followed by sleepiness and a reluctance to get down to business – which, to be fair, is exactly what you’d expect from a panda…

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