Guess who's back: Jamie T

After four years in the wilderness, the Wimbledon bard is making a comeback



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Hey, I remember Jamie T. He was a bit like Ed Sheeran’s big brother, right?
A bit, yes. But that was back in the glorious days before anyone had even heard of the chart-storming carrot-top. Fresh-faced, 21-year-old strummer Jamie Treays scraped into the Top Ten in 2007 with his song ‘Calm Down Dearest’, after breaking through with the skip-hopping urban ballad ‘Sheila’ and the cheeky indie-dub scat of ‘If You Got the Money’. Cue massive festival sing-alongs, awards, and enthusiastic comparisons to the likes of The Libertines, Joe Strummer and Arctic Monkeys. Heady days indeed.

So what happened next?
He brought out a second album called ‘Kings & Queens’ in 2009, toured the world – including a big headline show at Brixton Academy – in 2010, then… nothing. That’s pretty much the last we heard of him.

Shame. So what’s young Jamie up to nowadays, then?
To be honest, he’s not so young any more – or so fresh-faced. But he hasn’t stopped making music. Earlier this month he returned from the wilderness with ‘Don’t You Find’, his first proper track in four and a half years, and he’s playing a gig at the Tufnell Park Dome this Thursday.

Good for him. But does anyone actually care?
Kind of, yes. The gig is sold out, and when we checked, people were buying second-hand tickets online for more than a hundred quid.

Wow. Who are these people paying £100 to see Jamie T live in 2014?
We’re not sure, but a quick Google search turns up at least three unofficial Twitter accounts and an active fan forum. Apparently, while most of the world was forgetting he ever existed, a few hardcore fans have been tracking Jamie’s every move.

And will they help him make it back into the charts?
Not if the young pretender Sheeran has anything to do with it. This is Ed’s territory nowadays: expect battered acoustic guitars at dawn.

The bottom line: The fallen king of folk-hop returns – can he claim back his throne?

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