Keeping it real: Angel Haze

We quiz one of the world's hottest rappers on life in the real world



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Twenty-one-year-old New Yorker Angel Haze grew up as part of a religious cult. Now she’s one of the world’s hottest rappers, and is even involved in a very public Twitter battle with Azealia Banks (the ultimate yardstick of stardom). We cornered her ahead of her show at Scala, to find out if she keeps it real in more than just her lyrics.

How much is a Big Mac in the US?
‘Oh my God, I do not eat McDonalds. I think it’s like a dollar, though.’

You are way off. It’s currently $4.37.
‘No waaaay! Really? When did it become that much money? Maybe I’m still living in a world where I’m seven years old.’

Okay, let’s get personal. What’s the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?
‘There’s a Versace coat in a dalmatian-print fur. It cost $10,000. I didn’t pay for it, of course, but I completely love it. I sleep in it. I walk round in it. It’s my bathrobe and my pimp outfit.’

Where do you get your nails done?
‘Usually a manicurist comes to me. Oh my God, I’m sounding so bitchy in this interview right now!’

You can still redeem yourself! When did you last cook dinner?
‘I can’t cook. Me cooking is like a fire and some deaths waiting to happen. I microwaved something quite some time ago. But I am getting more into food these days. I spent a month in Spain, and while we were there a chef cooked something called paella. It was like, wow! All of these flavours in my mouth at once! Who knew?’

Who’s the most famous person in your phone book?
‘That one’s hard. They’re all really famous! Okay, can I just say my favourite famous person I know? It’s Natalia Kills. She’s amazing and hilarious. It’s between Natalia and Iggy Azalea. We have something of a girl crew going on at the moment. It’s great!’

The verdict?

Failing to keep it real has never looked so good.

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