Keeping it real: Rizzle Kicks

We quiz the cheeky rap-pop duo on life in the real world



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Rizzle Kicks release their second LP ‘Roaring ’20s’ this week, and are marking the occasion with a gig at Camden’s Roundhouse as part of the iTunes Festival on September 5. With over a million singles sold in the UK, it’s high time they faced a reality check. We grilled the tearaway twosome – Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule – to see if they’ve lost their heads on their way to the top.

How much is a first-class stamp?

Harley: 25p?
Jordan: Nah, it’s £1.

Almost – a first-class stamp is 60p. Who is the new Doctor Who?
J: Peter Capaldi. He’s a don, mate.
H: Who’s he?
J: The guy from ‘In The Loop’. He’s so sick, mate. I can’t wait.

Neither can we. Tell us where ‘no likey, no lighty’ comes from?   
J: Pah! ‘Take Me Out’, obviously. Killer programme. I’d come out to ‘Like I Love You’ by Justin Timberlake and for my talent I would recite it word for word.

Where do you get your socks from?

J: We put pants and socks on our rider – so mainly Primark I’d assume.

Classy. When was the last time you took a private jet?
H: Last year. It wasn’t lavish.
J: It was fucking scary. The best part was when one of the captains had a picnic basket and let us have muffins.

Forget munching muffins, when did you last cook for yourselves?
H: I haven’t cooked a meal in ages.
J: Mate, you cooked a meal last month – that fucking bacon wrap thing. It’s all you cook.
H: It’s not actually.
J: You do, you wrap the chicken in fucking bacon. You had the little sautéed potatoes.
H: I wouldn’t have cooked that.
J: It was literally three weeks ago… I haven’t cooked for six years.

The verdict?

Boisterous: yes. Big-headed: No. The Rizzles are keeping it real in their own way.

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