Man Like Me – 'Pillow Talk' album review

The North London duo return with a witty account of life, love and popular culture



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Man Like Me – ‘Pillow Talk’

  • Rated as: 4/5

Roguish north London duo Man Like Me return in reflective mood, with songs about finding love in the back of the defunct freesheet London Lite (‘Lovestruck’) and how you can tell you’re getting older when N-Dubz remind you of East 17 (bouncy Calypso-tinged number ‘Peculiar’). Under the influence of The Streets’ Mike Skinner, Johnny Langer and Pete Duffy have come up with a neat bundle of garage-informed pop, with soulful overtones courtesy of vocalist Ade Omotayo. The drum machines sound beefier and more urgent – as on ‘Wallow’ – and the multiple layers of samples never jar; this record not only runs like a well-oiled machine, but also provides a witty and flippant account of life, love and popular culture.

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