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Meltdown festival line-up

Here’s who’s playing at the Southbank Centre’s music and art series, curated this year by David Byrne

© Belinda Lawley

For the last 22 summers, the Southbank Centre has handed over its programming calendar to a class of people hardly famed for their organisational skills – musicians. Luckily the Meltdown guest curators (including David Bowie, John Peel and Yoko Ono) have always pulled through, making the festival an annual cultural highlight of the city.

This year’s Meltdown takes place in August and is curated by David Byrne. The former Talking Head is a ceaseless musical innovator who’s created everything from a musical about Imelda Marcos (‘Here Lies Love’) to an installation that turns buildings into huge musical instruments.

Scroll on down to discover who he’s picked for this year’s Meltdown festival line-up, and read our David Byrne interview to hear his take on a few of the biggest events at this year’s Meltdown festival.

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