The Men – 'New Moon' album review

Rapid-fire New York hardcore collides with Nashville country at this punk-rock rodeo



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The Men – ‘New Moon’

  • Rated as: 4/5

On ‘Open Your Heart’, the last record by Brooklyn post-hardcore group The Men, their rapid-fire riffs collided with Nashville country and western tones to surprisingly listenable effect. Now, still toting both lap steel guitar and fuzzbox, they’ve brought the sound of a sweaty New York basement gig even closer to that of the Tennessee airwaves. Their fourth album opens with acoustic amble ‘Open the Door’, accelerates from blues boogie to thrash on ‘I Saw Her Face’, and ends with an all-consuming noise-rock monster called ‘Supermoon’. It’s a daring progression which pushes Dinosaur Jr’s ‘ear-bleeding country’ concept to its logical extreme, and makes ‘New Moon’ an awe-inspiring punk-rock rodeo.

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