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Honeyslide – 'Deep Architecture'

Exclusive track premiere

Here's an exclusive first listen and free download of a new track by London shoegazers Honeyslide. It's called 'Deep Architecture', it's one of the lead tracks on their new ten-inch EP on Critical Heights. Packed with slack, airy vocals and what sounds a bit like Kevin Shields and J Mascis having a guitar-duel, it's a tone-bending, mind-melting, hazy summer storm of a song – perfect, in fact, for London this June.

Honeyslide bring their  to the Waiting Room next Wednesday to launch the EP, with support from some super-special secret guests. We recommend you get down there. And bring hearing protection.

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Clean Bandit – 'Dust Clears'

If all that guitar distortion is too much for you, here's something a little bit more, er… clean. It's the title track of the new EP by Clean Bandit, a group of musicians from London via Cambridge, and it's the shape of things to come. You see, Clean Bandit are primed to go off in a big way. They have the connections: 'Dust Clears' was co=written with Disclosure collaborator James Napier, and they're signed to Black Butter Records, home of Rudimental and Lulu James. And, after storming singles 'A+E' and 'Mozart's House, this new track is further proof that they're ready to join their peers in the big leagues. 'Dust Clears' is a tricky beast, with three distinct parts: after a minute and a half of sparse, Hot Chip-inflected house, it breaks into a jerky, wonkly garage beat with vocals by Swedish singer Noonie Bao, before exploding into glorious, funky disco-house – with strings on top. Any of those on their own would be great, but all three is a real treat. Oh, and the self-directed video is incredible (food polygons, ponies, magic violin tools, ice-skateboarding…). Watch the charts for these guys.

Buy tickets now to see Clean Bandit live at XOYO

Washed Out – 'It All Feels Right'

Ernest Greene, the man behind the Washed Out name, was hailed as the 'king of chillwave' when his debut album 'Within and Without' came out two years ago. But times and microgenres have changed, and so has the sound of Ernest Greene. His new track, streamed ahead of his second album 'Paracosm', is as sensual and dreamy as ever, but instead of synth-strafed echoes of the ‘80s, it's the psychedelic ‘60s that loom fuzzily through the Washed Out haze. Fans of Tame Impala or Unknown Mortal Orchestra will approve. Turn off your mind, picture yourself in a boat on a river, turn on, tune in… wait, is that a Mellotron?

Arctic Monkeys – 'Do I Wanna Know?'

Well, do you? Here's the deal: Arctic Monkeys, one of the best British bands of the twenty-first century, have been together for more than a decade, and can still leave most other bands in the dust. Thanks partly to a working relationship on their last two albums with Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age, their music just keeps getting bigger and tighter, and here's the latest stage in that progression: 'Do I Wanna Know?', a towering riff monster with a thumping blues heartbeat, and a big, big brain. Watch the video for some bonus NSFW animation.

Badbadnotgood – 'Hedron'

Arctics have got you tightly wound? Here's something that'll loosen you right up. Toronto's finest electronic post-jazz trio BBNG, who have links to LA's Odd Future brat-rap collective and are enviably young and talented, have made this new track available for free download (in two different formats, audiophiles) from their website. It's a skittering, shifting, rising and falling thing of beauty, dismantled and rebuilt from hip hop, electronica and jazz, and it's got us all excited for their London show in a couple of weeks' time.

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