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Top ten London gigs in May

Start off the summer with some of the best live music London has to offer


Nick Cave

Critics' choice

After a successful turn as a documentary star in '20,000 Days on Earth' and a career-high record with The Bad Seeds, 'Push the Sky Away', Mr Nicholas Edward Cave cracks his fingers and embarks on a piano-led solo tour. Backed by various Seeds (Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, Thomas Wydler and Barry Adamson), the murky master will be leaning towards the more Leonard Cohen-ish end of his discography, singing gently mournful favourites such as 'Into My Arms' and 'The Ship Song' with minimal backing. It should be spine-tingling.

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03 May 2015

Fleetwood Mac

Critics' choice

Cheer up, sad sacks: the Mac are back – and better than ever. Well, better than they were for last year’s partial reunion, because there’s nothing partial about it this time: Christine is (officially) in.

The band’s 2013 tour was a joyous, momentous musical occasion. Fleetwood Mac, it turned out, were still a brilliant live band: Stevie Nicks was still all wavy-armed and magical, Lindsey Buckingham could still shred, and John McVie and Mick Fleetwood still looked like they were both auditioning for the part of Steptoe. But there was a big woman-and-piano-shaped hole on the side of the stage. For their return to The O2 next summer, they’ve filled that hole with the only woman who could do it justice: original singer and keyboardist (and John’s ex-wife: awkies) Christine McVie.

The woman born Christine Anne Perfect (seriously) made a brief cameo with the band in London last year, but now, for the first time since she left the band in 1998, you can hear the writer of ‘You Make Loving Fun’, ‘Little Lies’ and ‘Everywhere’ belt them out like they deserve to be belted. Fleetwood Mac are a walking greatest-hits package, and they just got a little greater.

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27 Jun 2015



Really?! Rush at the 02 Arena NOT not only on this list but at the very top?! REALLY?! Are you really serious about that?!