Valentine's Day gigs in London



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Fancy a live musical component to your Valentine's Day celebration? Or just feel like going to a gig and ignoring the whole thing? Let our experts guide you, ether way

  • Valentine's Day gigs in London

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  • For diehard traditionalists

    Think that if February 14 doesn't involve a dozen red roses, a box of top-grade chocs and a declaration of love, it's not worth celebrating? Then you may well be staying home with the Walrus of Love on your stereo and the lights turned down low. If, however, you'd like some live music to set the evening's romantic tone, there are three ways to go…

    For romantic sceptics

    No, it's not a contradiction in terms, as anyone who has a Valentines cheese aversion but still wants to treat their main squeeze to an evening out understands. The tricky thing is getting the tone right, but you really won't go wrong with either of these two shows on The Big Night.

    For the too-cool-for-school

    Too radical for romance? Reckon the only suitable place for hearts and flowers is in a hospital's coronary care wing? You can always opt out altogether – or take your beloved along and just pretend you're opting out – by going to one of these three hip and happening gig that pays no heed to the date on the calendar.

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