What's the deal with… Banks?

Here's everything you need to know about LA's coolest new singer



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Her name is just Banks?
Yeah, these days all the coolest singers (from Grimes to Lorde) have an enigmatic mononym. Besides, Jillian Banks (her real name) sounds like an estate agent.

Is Banks a bit cool then?
Elegantly cool. Put it this way: she’s booked the stately Shoreditch Town Hall for her debut London gig then supports alt-R&B superstar The Weeknd at The O2 later in the month. She’s also worked with trendy but accessible indietronica producers on her debut EP ‘London’.

Oh, does she come from London?

At the moment she’s still based in LA, which is why her Facebook page gives her American phone number.

Wait… her Facebook page gives out her phone number?
Incredibly, yes. It actually says: ‘If you ever want to talk, call me...’.

OMG. Did you ring yet?
Yup, but she didn’t pick up.

Are you mad at her?
We were until we listened to more of her sublime and lusty electronic R&B. Seriously, how can you stay mad at someone who writes this line as a come-on: ‘Do I have to write it on your bedroom wall, you fool?’.

The Bottom Line: Later Azealia, we’ve got a new favourite Banks.

Watch Banks's 'Warm Water' video

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