What's the deal with… Say Yes Dog?

Here's everything you need to know about the rising, Dutch-based synth-poppers



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What’s the breed of this new canine band?
Say Yes Dog are a mongrel: two of the members are German, and one is from Luxembourg, but they’re based in The Hague, Netherlands. They met at the Royal Conservatoire, where two of them studied sound engineering and the third was a drummer in the jazz department.

Sounds a little stuffy… Why should I give them a listen?
Well, you like synth-pop with ridiculously catchy hooks, right?

Of course I do!
Add to that a subtle sense of melancholy, and Say Yes Dog will make you want to weep and bop furiously at the same time. Think along the lines of The Whitest Boy Alive, or Hot Chip but with vaguely Dutch accents.

Sounds good. Where can I say yes to them in person?
They’re currently on their European tour, which finishes in London at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on December 19. Their EP, ‘A Friend’, is out now too.

And more importantly, will they actually have a dog on stage?
Sadly not – this is a pop concert, not Crufts. In fact, none of the three members of Say Yes Dog owns a dog, although bassist Paul Rundel loves to hang out with his parents’ pooch, Emma.

The Bottom Line These Dutch indie-disco sorts are barking up the right tree.

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